A Remarkable Childcare Center Plainfield Facilitating Children’s Integrated Development

It has been truly said that the children of today are our future. If they have to lead a thriving life in their coming years, their values, skills and qualities need to be nurtured from their early and impressionable years.

Education can turn individuals into men of integrity, achievers and leaders. Offering children developmentally appropriate learning opportunities from an early age, would promote the development of their values and abilities and let them become critical thinkers and socially responsible, caring and respectful citizens of tomorrow.

KLA Schools of Plainfield, an outstanding preschool and childcare center Plainfield facility has stepped ahead to nurture the young children by offering them enriched learning opportunities in their preschool years. KLA’s early childhood educators got inspired by Reggio Philosophy due to its effectiveness in enabling a child’s overall development. Reggio regards the child as strong, powerful and rich in potential individual driven by the power of wanting to learn. He is nurtured by teachers as they take this drive towards growth seriously.

To expand learning opportunities for children, KLA Schools organizes interactive activities. Children participate in research based projects, educational field trips, art workshops and more at KLA Schools which helps to promote the building of their social, physical, emotional and creative abilities. KLA Schools’ teachers observe, document and revisit topics with children daily.

Atelier, an art studio has got an inspiring look and feel which stimulates children to explore, investigate and experience a wide variety of natural, man-made and recycled materials. This enables them to express their creativity. The environment set up at this preschool is often regarded as the third teacher.

Teachers at KLA Schools act as co-learners with their students. By behaving more as researchers, teachers provide meaning and exhibit values as they and students construct learning together. Teachers constantly try to find the most effective ways of learning to bring the best out of children. To provoke curiosity in children, teachers act as listeners, observers and enquirers. By utilizing positive and nurturing ways, teachers try to promote creativity in children and inspire them to pursue and develop their interests. KLA Schools regards parents as their partners in educating children and instilling core values in them from an early age.

KLA Schools puts the main focus on inculcating social responsibility among children by involving them in community based projects. This enables them to understand the need to keep the environment safe. They can understand the need to help the less privileged children in their community. KLA Schools invites experts from different fields of study as guest speakers. So children can interact with them and learn from them very basics of entrepreneurship.

The environment at KLA Schools of Plainfield is set up with enough provocations to fuel children’s curiosity and for building their interests. By offering children enriched learning opportunities and by providing them with a unique, nurturing and safe environment, this renowned preschool and Childcare Center Plainfield is promoting their overall development.


Author: KLA Schools of Plainfield

KLA Schools is a well reputed Plainfield preschool which offers children innovative learning opportunities in a nurturing, creative and secure environment for building their values, skills and interests. Outstanding Plainfield Preschool for absolute best preschool experience. http://klaschoolsplainfield.com

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